About US


Calia is a small, independent beauty care company located on Canada's west coast.
We are purveyors of natural organic hair care, skin care, and essential oils: made with care and dedication in Vancouver, BC. We are proud to ship our products to customers worldwide!

Our History

At the turn of the last millennium, we created a line of natural hair and skin care products to add to our line of our popular essential oils. It has always been our desire to have Calia products made without the use of modern chemicals - using only naturally sourced ingredients that could provide genuine efficacy and benefits to both the skin and hair.

Our first few items were created fragrance-free, allowing the user to keep them as is, or to add the essential oils of their choice. In time, we introduced several other hair care items with essential oils already introduced into the product. This added not only a special, natural scent but gave them a slightly more defined effect on different hair types.

The result has been that we have created a very strong following of people that are nothing but amazed at how well something so simply natural can work so incredibly well.

Our Commitment

It was, and of course, always will be, our desire to give the best value for the highest grade products we can provide. With so many of today's products containing a wide variety of synthetic and sometimes harmful ingredients, we at Calia have created a line of aromatherapy and personal care products that are as pure and as natural as possible, the way things used to be. Even our name CALIA (Kah-Lee-Ah), an Italian word for old-fashioned, reflects our goal.

Our oils are all steam distilled or expressed, are 100% pure, and all have been tested for potency and every oil we sell has a paper trail to its Certificate of Analysis. The Calia hair products will leave your hair and scalp feeling alive and natural, while our skin products will leave your skin moisturized with none of the greasiness common in many synthetic products.

Each time you use a Calia product you are treating yourself to traditional quality from the past, made with the care and attention that we know you will appreciate.

Over the last dozen years, we've made small changes to the formulas of our shampoos and conditioners, all in the quest of improving what they will do for you hair. Judging from our overwhelmingly positive (almost fanatical) feedback, we can't help but feel it is working. Your hair ends up being your hair! It doesn't end up being coated with synthetic chemicals and leaves your hair in a natural, well nourished state.

Calia hair and body care products are 100% complete on their own. They have been formulated using the highest quality ingredients to give you the best natural hair and skin treatments.

You may create your own custom fragrance by adding our Calia essential oils on your own. This is based on the art of Aromatherapy. Ancient civilizations used these concentrated botanical extracts as part of their lifestyle. For those that want to have the essential oil fragrance already infused, we offer the Hydrating, Balancing, and Purifying formulas that now only carry a fresh natural scent, but also allow subtle differences in the way they respond to different hair types.

We have no intention of growing Calia into a mass market company and wish to remain small. As one goes forward in life, one realizes (or should do) that time and quality remain very important. Both seem increasingly hard to find in this age of pushing and grovelling to get the most money in the least time. Well we don't buy into that. We prefer the old way. Even our name "Calia" is an old fashioned Italian word for old fashion.

We hope you enjoy Calia and we will endeavour to continue providing you with a real, natural alternative.

Always act naturally.

Randall Cunningham
Owner, Calia Natural