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Calia Is Now In Australia!

June 15, 2022
Hello to our wonderful customers in Australia and New Zealand! After many years of shipping your orders directly to you from our little corner in the west coast of Canada, we have some very exciti...
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5 Things To Quit Doing To Your Hair

May 29, 2022
Have you ever wondered if your habits are helping or hurting your hair? We've got you! We have broken down the 5 things that you should quit doing to your hair in order to let your hair grow and s...
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The Benefits Of Using A Wooden Hair Brush

April 26, 2022
Have you ever wondered if your plastic hair brush has been helping your hair or hindering it? We've been there. Plastic hair brushes are not only not great for the environment, but they aren't gre...
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5 Benefits of Natural Skin Care

April 10, 2022
You have probably heard of the benefits of going all natural for the hair by now, but what about the skin? By using natural skin care products you can not only improve the overall appearance of yo...
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Why We Don't Use Silicones

February 23, 2022
It has always been our desire to create products without the use of any modern chemicals - using only naturally sourced ingredients that provide both efficacy and benefits to both the skin and hai...
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