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New Calia in Review!

June 13, 2017

Hello Calia community! 

It's been a while since we last shared a customer review, and we are so excited to share this one with you! 

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Thank you kindly to our customer Philippa for such a thorough and wonderful review! To this day, nothing makes us happier than to hear from our customers whose lives have been affected positively by using our product lines. 


In an age when we are only too happy to complain, I thought I would take this opportunity to praise a company that is truly different. Your Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner has made such a big difference in the quality of my hair ~ and, this is only the first time I've used it! My hair has regained its life and body with just one use! I can't wait to see what happens after one bottle, as you kindly recommend. 

When I used the facial cleanser and toner, I noticed a definite glow to my skin afterwards. I followed this with the
Sea Buckthorn cream which disappeared into my skin immediately with no greasy, oily feel. My final application was some avocado oil with a few drops of Sensuality essential oil added. My skin looked and felt great. It was smooth and supple with a real glow. AND...I smelled ravishing!

One of my new favourite fragrances is now SensualityWhat a fresh, clean, slightly floral scent. I just love it and use it constantly. Much to my delight, not only are your products reasonably priced ~ but, they only require about half the amount of other products to do a superlative job. This means my products last longer making them even cheaper in the long run. This is also the only company I have found that uses such totally organic ingredients. 

I could just go on and on about this company! From now on, I will only buy my hair and skin products from Calia. The next item on my wish list is
Calia Rose Rejuvenating Cream and a vial of Rose Geranium.

Thank you Calia for being such an honest, ethical company. We need more like you!

Your customer for life, 



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Yours naturally, 

Randy and the Calia crew

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    After many years of asking our customers to write notes in order to accommodate your substitution requests, we are so excited to finally make this process easier for you. PLUS, we've made the deal even sweeter. 

    Thank you for your continued business! 

    Yours naturally, 

    Randy & the Calia crew 

    Hello Calia customers! 

    Please be advised that due to the Victoria Day long weekend on Monday May 22, all orders placed after 3 PM on Thursday, May 18th may be delayed in shipping. 

    There will be no orders shipped on Saturday May 20, Sunday May 21, or Monday May 22. 

    We appreciate your understanding and wish you a wonderful weekend! 

    Thank you! 

    Randy & the Calia Crew

    A New Calia Review!

    April 28, 2017

    Hello Calia community! 

    We are so excited to have a new customer review for you! We love to share your reviews and invite you to email them, or post them to our Facebook page. Thank you to our new customer Melinda for the latest! Have a wonderful weekend! 

    I am so pleased to have found your shampoo and hair conditioning products!  I have been looking around in my local food co-operatives for many months for a good organic choice of hair and skin products, but frustratingly to no avail. In most cases I've found that the actual ingredients of the products are not well explained, and in the end not something natural enough, or desirable to put on my body. The prices tend to be very expensive, making them impractical for me in the long-term as well.

    I belong to a gym where I exercise regularly, and in the women's locker room, someone had left 2 containers of your products: one shampoo and one conditioner. There was just a very small amount left in the bottles and they remained in that locker room untouched for weeks!  I noticed them on account of the word organic on the label and I had never heard of Calia products. So eventually, since no one was claiming them, I gave them a try.......and LOVED the way my hair felt!

    I immediately came home and looked your product up online. I was so pleased to see I could order easily! I also opted for the skin cream as that is also something I am seeking. Your prices are very fair and reasonable, and your products are so far wonderful.

    Thank you for providing a healthy, viable choice for those of us to whom a quality, organic option matters. I am most appreciative!



    Shop our entire store here.

    Yours naturally, 

    Randy and the Calia crew

    Holiday Shipping Notice

    April 12, 2017

    Dear Customers,

    Please note that due to the Easter holiday, orders received after 5 PM Wednesday April 12, may not be shipped until TUESDAY, APRIL 18th.

    We apologize for any inconvenience. 

    Thank you and have a wonderful long weekend! 

    Yours naturally, 

    Randy & the Calia Crew 

    Calia In Review!

    February 12, 2017


    Hello Calia community! 

    We hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. As always, we love to share your reviews and invite you to email them, or post them to our Facebook page. Thank you to Kayton from the United States for sharing your review with us! Read on: 

    Hi my name is Kayton,

    First off I want to say WOW! I have been using the Calia organic Hydrating shampoo and conditioner for a few months now. Before Calia, I had been using natural products from different companies for the last few years and no matter what I tried, I still had severely dry hair, with very little life. I also had hair fall out. Worse, my curls would always be unmanageable and the would only come out when my hair was wet.

    I wash my hair every 4 days or so, and in only two uses washing with Calia my dry lifeless hair went to shiny, and incredibly soft! I no longer have any hair falling out, and my curls now come out more when my hair is dry. I cannot begin to thank this company enough for bringing life back to my hair!

    I also use the facial wash and now my acne is completely gone. My face feels super soft, and my skin tone has returned back to normal after struggling for a while.

    Thank you Calia Natural for saving my hair and skin, and for using amazing organic ingredients! 


    Shop our entire store here.

    Yours naturally, 

    Randy and the Calia crew

    Calia in Review!

    January 28, 2017

    Hello Calia community! 

    We are so excited to share with you our latest review by our customer, Kailee Rohde. Kailee first reached out to us on Instagram where we are loving all of your pictures and feedback about your experiences with Calia. Want to be featured yourself? Get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

    Over the years I have been on a mission to live a more natural lifestyle. For me, a huge part of keeping healthy is not only what I put in my body, but what I put on it. I have tried many shampoo and conditioners that claim to be natural only to be disappointed that the ingredients did not hold true to their statement, or the products left my hair in bad condition. I was ready to throw in the towel and lo and behold, Calia came into my life!

    I began using the Organic Hydrating Shampoo, Organic Hydrating Conditioner and the Organic Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner. I cannot begin to express my excitement for these products! First, each product is truly made with all natural and organic ingredients that I know and can trust. Second, my hair is left not only feeling super clean, but very soft and very healthy. Third, my hair has grown faster then it ever has in my life! From the lack of chemicals and the perfect amount of natural essential oils and organic ingredients 
    Calia's hair care products provide, my hair is just stronger than ever. I really don't have much breakage these days.

    Last but not least, I love the way my hair smells. It isn't overpowering and I know what I am breathing in is healthy and pure. I receive compliments all the time on my hair and how long it has gotten so quickly. I honestly can't give credit to myself or anything else - these three products are the only ones I use on my hair!

    Thank you so much Calia for helping me achieve a more natural lifestyle and making my hair absolutely gorgeous! 

    So much love from your forever customer, 

    Kailee Rohde 

    Shop our entire store here.

    Yours naturally, 

    Randy and the Calia crew

    BIG NEWS! Calia & So Natural Beauty in Europe!

    We are so excited to announce that our European customers can at last get our FULL LINE of Calia Natural products directly from our newest partner So Natural Beauty in Belgium! 

    We are delighted to collaborate with the wonderful team behind the online retailer So Natural Beauty, who work hard to provide customers with natural, effective, and elegant products.

    We wish to thank all of our wonderful international customers for your patience while we worked on this behind the scenes! We are so excited that you will now be able to access your favourite Calia products with MUCH shorter ship times.

    Stay tuned for more news about our partnership soon! Shop So Natural Beauty here

    Yours Naturally, 

    Randy & the Calia Crew 

    Calia in Review!

    January 08, 2017

    Hello Calia community! 

    Thank you so much your continued support ~ and for all of your wonderful feedback! We love to share your reviews and invite you to email them, or post them to our Facebook page. Thank you to Cynthia Thompson for the latest! Read on! 

    I am so glad that I chose Calia's organic hair and body care products!  My experience has been wonderful, and I have purchased most of the hair care products for dry hair and I am truly impressed with the results. The hair products have made my hair soft, pliable, and easy to comb while it is still wet. The results on the day after washing are also amazing! My hair is never dry, but instead still feels moisturized and easy to comb without a lot of breakage!

    I have also purchased the skin lotions and the cleanser, which makes my face feel really clean. The moisturizers for my face leave my skin moisturized and feeling soft and smooth all day. The facial toner smells wonderful and it also makes my skin feel really fresh! 

    Calia, you have really done a wonderful job with your products. Please continue the good work! All the best! 


    Cynthia Thompson 

    Shop our entire store here.

    Yours naturally, 

    Randy and the Calia crew

    Holiday Shipping Update

    December 31, 2016

    Hello Dear Customers! 

    Thank you for a truly memorable 2016! We are so grateful to provide your super natural personal care needs and are looking forward to a new year with new products and the same great line-up you've come to know and love. 

    Please note that orders placed over the weekend (Friday December 30 - Monday January 2) will not be shipping until Tuesday, January 3rd due to the holiday. We appreciate your patience.

    Happy New Year! 

    Yours Naturally, 

    Randy and the Calia crew 

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