Why We Don't Use Silicones

Why We Don't Use Silicones

It has always been our desire to create products without the use of any modern chemicals - using only naturally sourced ingredients that provide both efficacy and benefits to both the skin and hair. This is why silicones do not have a place in any of our products, especially our hair care! 

What are silicones anyway? Silicones are a type of polymer (a.k.a large molecule) that behave similar to plastic. In hair care products specifically, silicones provide a "protective coating" around the hair to help provide added softness, reduced frizz, and shine. Sounds great right? Well, not really...

While silicones do not pose a threat to our physical health, they can seriously damage the hair over time. Experts say that the real issue with silicones is that they cause build up on the hair, and create a residue that blocks moisture from getting into the hair shaft. They act essentially as a waterproofing agent.

Over time, your hair not only appears dull, but it gets dehydrated and weak from a lack of moisture. This can impair all of your hard work put into achieving shiny, hydrated hair. From our point of view, silicones are their own worst enemy. If the whole point is to add a "protective coating", that in reality damages your hair over time, wouldn't we all be better off not using them in the first place? The answer is most definitely yes.

The great news is, you can achieve tangle-free, frizz-free, shiny hair without the use of any kind of synthetic ingredient! Products like our Intensive Conditioner and Leave-In Conditioner are a testament to that. 

Our advice? Ditch the silicones. Rather than adding a false protective coating  to your hair, provide it with the love and care it deserves by making the switch to natural hair care products! Care for your hair for the long-term. Trust us, it's worth it.

Calia products help your hair shine exactly like it's meant to in nature! 

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