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Hello, Calia community!

Your emails and notes always brighten our days! We love receiving and sharing your positive words, this is why we do what we do! Have a story to send to us? Email them here, or share on Facebook here. Thanks so much to Calia customers Veronica and Pip for these wonderful notes! 

"I LOVE the Calia shampoo and conditioner so much. For many years I tried many brands of natural and organic shampoos in hope of finding something that works on my hair, but nothing worked on my frizzy and hard to manage hair. Well, my search is finally over! Since using Calia for more than a year, my hair is so much healthier. My curls are beautiful and shiny. I also noticed that I don't have to wash my hair as often as before. I can go four days without washing it without any problems. Thank you so much, Calia, for your wonderful products and I can't wait to tell everyone I know about them and also try your skin care range and your essential oils."

~ Veronica

"I've used Calia products for nearly 3 years now, and I will never go back to conventional or drugstore hair care again. Calia makes wonderful products, that make even my bleached and dyed hair feel wonderful. The Hydrating formula has worked wonders for my dry ends without making my hair feel greasy. The Purifying Rosemary formula is also wonderful for maintaining the overall health of your scalp which is something I try to take care of since I lighten my hair. Excellent products and a must try!"

~ Pip

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