New Calia in Review!

New Calia in Review!

Hello Calia community! 

We've got a new review to share with you, our amazing customers! Read on to learn just how our products are making a difference in our customer's lives. This is why we do what we do! 

This is one of our favourite reviews ever ~ thanks to Inga for taking the time to send us such a detailed review. We really appreciate your feedback and are happy our products have made such a difference for you!

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“Hello People at Calia :) I don't usually leave reviews but I want to for this. The Hydrating Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner is by far the best shampoo I have used. Period. I bet you're tired of reading detailed testimonials, but I'd like to give you a good picture of what a journey it's been to finding your shampoo and why it's so important to me.

Around 2010 I started losing a lot of hair (diffuse shedding, most likely due to repeated scalp sunburns). My hair is naturally fine, medium thickness, wavy 2A/2B, naturally platinum and I'm super pale (hence scalp sensitivity to sun). I actually noticed the hair loss way later in 2015 when I suddenly stopped shedding so much. When comparing my hair to pre-2010 photos, I was left with around 50% loss in volume. Since then I've taken great pains to grow my hair back and regain my thickness, and I'm finally starting to see results, but my search for the right shampoo continued until I found yours. 

I have experimented with many shampoos for hair loss, thinness, regrowth, etc. across the whole price spectrum. A lot of them work just fine and I'll be rotating in others every once in a while, but yours is the staple in my hair diet. After watching some YouTube videos and seeing reviews and the ingredients for your Hydrating Shampoo/Conditioner, I'm very glad that I gave Calia a shot.  

The Hydrating Shampoo/Conditioner leaves my hair clean, silky, voluminous, shiny, and healthy! I never got all of these results in one from another shampoo. As I regrow what I've lost, this shampoo is doing an excellent job of keeping my hair and scalp clean and hydrated with no split ends. I shed about half the amount when washing my hair with this shampoo/conditioner than with anything else I've tried (why is this? Horsetail? Alfalfa? Magic? I don’t know!).

My hair strands are stronger now, taking more force to break. I workout daily and my hair stays clean-looking about twice the length of time as with any other shampoo I've tried. I wash my hair about once every three days just for the sweat factor. I'd probably wait a couple more days if I didn't get so sweaty!

Before I found your shampoo, I used to buy a lot of the ingredients you use separately and mix them together to make homemade shampoos or oils, but they didn't clean my hair nearly as well as this Hydrating Shampoo/Conditioner combo!

I really appreciate this product and am so satisfied to finally have found something that works so well for my hair type! 

Thank you!


Thank you so much Inga for your email!

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Yours naturally, 

Randy & the Calia Crew

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