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Hello Calia Community!

We are excited to share our latest review from our customer Kalyn! Read on to find out the positive impact Calia hair care is having on Kalyn's hair. 
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'I have finally found a hair care line that I absolutely love and is all natural and organic! I have tried so many shampoos that just weighed my fine hair down, left my scalp itchy, and my hair greasy. So I decided to give Calia a try. I have the Purifying, Balancing, and Hydrating lines, and I use the shampoos, conditioners, and leave-ins. My hair is left squeaky clean (without the over drying part), shiny, and incredibly soft .... just like silk! I even believe my hair has grown a little bit faster!

I love the smell of these shampoos, they all smell similar to me and remind me of the outdoors. I have also purchased the Tek brush. I thought all brushes were the same, boy was I wrong! The Tek brush I have is easy on my hair, doesn't pull or snag it, and feels great on my scalp. I WILL continue with Calia. I could not be more pleased.

Keep up the amazing work!


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