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Calia Essential Oil Starter Ensemble

Get the best, just bigger! Here we've combined the five most popular oils with the most popular carrier oil, the Sweet Almond, and then added two of our popular blends and a Vanilla oil for free!

The ensemble includes:

10ml - Eucalyptus: An absolute staple to have around when anyone has a cold or congestion.

10ml - Lavender: This is our incredibly popular blend of European Lavender oils. There are so many uses for Lavender from healing burned skin, relaxation to antiseptic. If you only could have one oil....this is it.

10ml - Peppermint: This is our new, very potent Peppermint. Not only can it give a massively uplifting scent to a room but its really aids in opening up congested breathing passages. As much as humans love peppermint, its seems some of nature's little pests don't. Liberally sprinkle around desired areas and spiders, mice and other nuisances won't bother coming by.

10ml - Spanish Rosemary: This is the same Rosemary used in all our new Rosemary hair products. It has a lovely fresh herbal fragrance and when mixed with some of the Sweet Almond Oil, it makes a great concoction for massaging into your scalp and through your hair.

10ml - Tea Tree: From Australia, Tea Tree has been part of the infantryman's kit for generations. Its the best natural antiseptic and should be the first thing applied to those nasty little cuts and abrasions that we get.

100ml - Sweet Almond: This is our biggest selling carrier oil. Just the thing when you want to create your own blend for applying to your skin. Makes a great massage oil too.

Included at no charge you also get:

10ml - Vanilla Oil: Who doesn't love the smell of Vanilla? Great to put in a burner to give your home that delicious, warming aroma of something great baking. Anywhere you want a bit of that warm, cozy smell.....try a little Vanilla.

10ml Blend - Breathe Ease: This is a fabulous blend that combines not only oils that relieve congestion but we've added a bit of lavender too to help heal tissue that can get damaged from heavy coughing.Just inhale deeply.

10ml Blend - Sleep Easy: Who doesn't have trouble getting a restful sleep sometimes. This blend of Lavender, Marjoram and Rose Geranium can actually deactivate a busy mind and can keep you lulled into a more restful state. Just need a couple of drops on your pillow.

Refreshing Ideas:

  • Put a few drops of oil on your vacuum bag or filter.
  • Dab a few drops of a citrus oil or your favourite scent around garbage disposal to help freshen area.

Important Safety Tips:

  • Store your essential oils in dark glass bottles, away from heat and light to maintain purity and potency.
  • Consult a qualified aroma therapist if you have any questions or concerns regarding usage of essential oils.
  • Anyone with epilepsy or high blood pressure should avoid sage, rosemary, thyme and fennel.
  • Avoid use of basil, cedarwood, thyme, marjoram if you are pregnant or lactating.
  • If you have a serious medical condition, consult your physician before using essential oils.
  • Always dilute pure essential oils with a carrier oil or lotion when using on the skin. The exceptions are Lavender and Tea Tree oils. Patch test on the skin and wait 24 hours for results. If skin is irritated do not use.
  • Dilute all recipes by half when using on children.

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