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Calia Essential Oil Starter Bundle

$0.00 Regular price $43.99

Calia Essential Oil Starter Bundle

$0.00 Regular price $43.99

Receive 3 FREE 10ml essential oils when you purchase our best sellers! This bundle is a fabulous deal for anyone, but especially those that want to start having a few essential oils around the house! 

We've combined the five most popular oils with the most popular carrier oil, the Sweet Almond, and then added two of our popular blends and a Vanilla oil as a bonus! 

The ensemble includes 10 ML bottles of:

Eucalyptus: An absolute staple to have around when anyone has a cold or congestion.

Lavender: This is our incredibly popular blend of European Lavender oils. 

Peppermint: This is our new, very potent Peppermint. 

Rosemary Oil: This is the same Rosemary used in all our new Rosemary hair products. 

Tea Tree: From Australia, Tea Tree has been part of the infantryman's kit for generations. 

Sweet Almond Oil - 100ml: This is our biggest selling carrier oil. 

Bonus items: 

Vanilla Oil: Who doesn't love the smell of Vanilla? Great to put in a burner to give your home that delicious, warming aroma of something great baking. 

Breathe Ease: This is a fabulous blend that combines not only oils that relieve congestion but we've added a bit of lavender too.

Sleep Easy: Who doesn't have trouble getting a restful sleep sometimes. This blend of Lavender, Marjoram and Rose Geranium is a favourite.