Calia in Review!

Every so often, we receive reviews from customers, old and new, with words that literally make our days! We are so grateful for our customers, and are so happy to provide you all with wonderful, super natural products that are as effective as they are pure. Read on for Zoe's review, directly from Ontario, Canada. Thank you Zoe!

"I am writing this review because I believe everyone needs to throw their chemical filled hair products out and purchase Calia’s products right now! The first thing I need to mention about Calia Purifying Shampoo and Conditioners is the smell. THEY SMELL SO GOOD, and there are of course no strong perfumes or chemicals in them. I usually wash my hair every 2-3 days (it takes so much for me not to wash my hair every day just so I can smell these products)!  When I wash my hair with Calia, my hair is left feeling soft and light, and I love that it is not weighed down by product build-up. My hair is so shiny and I swear it has grown longer/faster than it ever has before. I also love that when I read the ingredients, I can pronounce every word and actually know what the ingredients are. I have been on a constant search for an effective shampoo and conditioner, and I am never satisfied with the results – not to mention that the costs of some shampoos and conditioners are ridiculous.

Regarding the Leave-in, I have never purchased one that actually detangles my hair. Calia's Leave-in leaves it frizz-free and super soft! My Hydrating Leave-in Conditioner is now my holy grail, and I bring this little bottle of heaven with me everywhere! It smells so delicious, I literally spray it on my hair at any time of the day just for the smell. I also spray my hair while it is dry to help brush it through easily without damaging my hair. This product doesn't weigh your hair down, or leave it greasy.  It is beyond amazing and I highly, highly recommend it to everyone!!

Calia is so affordable and actually leaves my hair showing real results, which as you can probably tell, I love! I noticed a real change in my hair after just a few weeks (about 5 uses).  I will be purchasing the full Gallon jugs next and am so excited to try all of the Calia products in the future!

I can honestly say that I will be using Calia for the rest of my life. Calia, my hair and I love you! 

Thank you so much Calia Natural! 



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